Talia Deer
Head of Community

Talia helps accelerate our clients’ development by connecting them with like-minded, similarly-situated peers across our ecosystem. Part-community builder, part-marketer, her work centers on thoughtfully and creatively engaging with the executives in our network and showcasing our brand and capabilities authentically. As the daughter of immigrant, entrepreneurial parents, she’s always been drawn to the startup ecosystem and enjoys working directly with founders.

Prior to Trium, she helped build the largest invitation-only community of GCs/CLOs in tech, and prior to that, served as outside legal counsel to startups and VCs at some of the biggest firms in NYC.

Born and raised in LA, she graduated from USC with a JD in Business Law and a BA in Psychology and Business. Nowadays, Talia calls Miami home, enjoys riding her bike on Sundays and never strays too far from the mountains or the water.