Owen Rogers
Executive Coach

Owen works side-by-side with leaders to understand their own development opportunities. He has worked with some of the world’s most innovative companies to enable core transformational shifts within their organizations. He brings a wealth of experience as a human-centered designer, creative leader, strategist, design thinker, and executive coach with expertise in product, brand, and creative direction. Prior to Trium, Owen spent nearly 25 years at IDEO, connecting brands with people by defining purpose and shaping narratives that inspire people to create change. He brings a multicultural understanding and edge to every project, having launched IDEO in Shanghai, Tokyo, and Singapore.

What clients say. Clients value Owen’s keen ability to deliver the truth in a way they can truly hear and effectively act upon. He leverages a seasoned mix of empathy, humor, and creativity in his coaching. Having built and led businesses, he can credibly and skillfully guide them through making tough actionable decisions.

Education. Owen holds a BA from Newport School of Art and Design, an MA in Industrial Design from the Royal College of Art in London, and a PhD in Design from University of Wales.

Clients. Owen has advised and coached senior leaders from HBO, Snap On, Adidas, Microsoft, GAP, Paulson, Old Navy, Toronto Airport, Starbucks, THG, Mural, Lotka & Co, Paulson, Allen Edmonds, Samsara, Medcan, Kohls, AAA, TCL and City Ventures.