Monica Chi

I’ve been driven by a desire to make a difference in the lives of others for as long as I can remember. Early on, I had a sense of how blessed I was… my dad had harrowing stories from North Korea and my mom grew up in rural and impoverished South Korea. They took a leap of faith together, moving to the U.S. so that their future unborn children could have more opportunities than they ever got to experience for themselves. Through the ups and downs of being the first in my family born in the States, I learned the value of staying calm in the face of adversity. I credit that to my parents, to the stable foundation they worked so hard to build.

I went on to get a Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology at Stanford – what a delight to get to immerse myself in the development of human beings and the society we live in.  I gravitated toward the social and behavioral psychology of individuals, organizations, and change. It was fascinating and laid the groundwork for my later interest in leadership coaching and organizational dynamics.  

I also felt privileged to get to learn from amazing professors and colleagues at Harvard Business School. At HBS, I was chosen for the Dean’s inaugural Service Leadership Fellows program, where you get picked for positions within select government and nonprofit organizations. I stepped into a role within the office of the Director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, in his first year on the job. He had started just one week before 9/11. Getting to be hands-on in a significant transformation within such a mission-oriented organization was deeply meaningful for me. 

When I left the FBI, I knew I wanted to get better at the artful work of engaging leaders in authentic dialogues that catalyze high-impact results. I had glimpsed what was possible when you could tap into the shared purpose and collective wisdom of a group of well-intentioned leaders. And this is precisely what drew me to Trium. Here, I found a community of seasoned practitioners who understood the deep interconnection between personal development, generative team dialogue, and organizational transformation – and actively supported leaders aspiring to affect the world in profound ways. 

Fast forward to today, 20 years later I get to partner with incredible leaders and teams, helping them navigate uncertainty and unlock their full potential. I’ve learned to embrace the unknown and trust in the alchemy that occurs within transformational contexts. Whether in government entities, innovative nonprofits, big tech, rapidly growing startups, traditional entertainment, or creative new enterprises, I’ve seen time and again that when leaders are willing to look inward, have tough conversations, align around a shared vision and model what they aspire to see in others — they can actualize what seemed nearly impossible at the outset.

Looking back, I can trace the thread that runs through my story: a deep desire to be of service and to empower people to transform themselves and their situations. And while the path has been anything but direct, every major step has prepared me for this calling. As a result, I now get to engage in work that challenges me, fulfills me, and allows me to wield impact well beyond what I could have imagined as that curious, young girl.

What Clients Say
“To accelerate the transformation of an underperforming business to become a long-term, profitable growth engine, I turned to Monica and the Trium team's unique expertise to help change mindset, shift culture, and drive collaboration, which led to doubling the business within 5 years. Operating as true strategic partners, Trium custom-designed and led innovative programs that built new muscle and unlocked greater potential in real time across our global organization. Their integral support of our leaders enabled us to operate at a higher level and realize our bold ambitions.”
Pamela Lifford, Warner Bros.
President - Global Brands, Franchises and Experiences
“Monica and her team were instrumental in elevating and aligning our management team around a strategic path that proved essential for successfully navigating the turbulent waters of the market downturn - and enabled us to unlock next level performance and results.”
Nathaniel Harley, MANTL
Co-Founder & CEO
“My experience with Monica as my coach has pushed me in ways I didn’t know I needed, but now I can’t lead without. I find her to be a thought partner and an accountability partner, helping me to see the truth (and not just the stories I make up in my head), and helping me to live into my fullest leadership potential. Amid both a cultural transition and a level up in strategy, her coaching has been a transformative gift.”
Maria Kim, REDF
President & CEO
“Monica and the Trium team have been an important partner to our leadership team. They have helped us come together and act with greater accountability to one another, our teams and our customers.”
Carrie Wheeler, Opendoor