Jennifer Tankersly
Executive Coach

Jennifer is skilled in bringing analytical insight and systems awareness to the pursuit of human potential and meaning. She believes in the power of knowledge – about oneself, one’s impact, and one’s purpose – and leveraging that clarity to lead, live, and thrive in an ever-changing, complex world. Before training with the Hudson Institute of Coaching, Jennifer had an extensive career as a consultant with The Boston Consulting Group. She brings her expertise in strategy and transformation to guide her clients to achieve breakthrough results.

What clients say. Jennifer’s experience and knowledge of managing individual and organizational change, combined with her patience, empathy, and curiosity, allow her to quickly build trust with her clients and ultimately identify behavioral improvements.

Education. Jennifer holds an MBA from The Anderson School of Management at UCLA with an emphasis on Strategy and Management and a BA from Scripps College.

Clients. Jennifer has coached senior leaders at LinkedIn, REDF, Sephora, MANTL, UiPath, and numerous organizations across industries, including financial services, tech, and healthcare.