Jennell Jones
Executive Coach

Jennell is an executive coach and strategic advisor who has worked with clients across industries, including many Fortune 50 and Fortune 100 companies. Her leadership development approach combines her personal experience as an executive at world-renowned organizations, deep understanding of business trends, and background in psychology to identify areas of challenge beyond the surface and define new narratives.

What clients say. Jennell has helped reinvigorate clients to refocus on their professional and personal goals through her ability to identify internal and external barriers while keying in on specific actions to deliver optimal outcomes. Clients appreciate her candor, trust, and openness.

Education. Jennell received a BA in Psychology from the University of Connecticut.

Clients. Jennell has coached senior leaders from Mailchimp, Mural, KPMG, Wondr Health, Google, Pfizer, Spotify, T-Mobile, AARP, and GEICO.