Holly Woods
Executive Coach

For over 30 years, Holly has been coaching senior executives with a focus on uncovering and amplifying their nuanced purpose to fully align their lives and work. With a deep understanding of applied human development and stages of consciousness, she enables her clients through her mentorship to become more agile, thus emerging as highly responsive and resilient. Holly is passionate about working with visionary leaders who use their business as a vehicle to create a powerful impact in the world.

What clients say. Clients value Holly’s knowledge of the depth and breadth of purpose work. She fosters a creative dynamic and motivates them to bring clarity, agility, and focus to their work.

Education. Holly holds a PhD in Human & Organizational Development from the University of Colorado at Denver and is a Certified Integral Master Coach.

Clients. Holly has coached senior leaders from Index Ventures, Environmental Defense Fund, Cruise, UiPath, Faire, Sephora, AppLovin, Hopin, University of Denver, University of Colorado, Vistage, and The Shift Network, among many others.