Elizabeth Bert
Executive Coach

Elizabeth has over 15 years of experience partnering with world-renowned Fortune 100 companies across numerous industries. As an executive coach, she draws from her wealth of business experience to challenge senior leaders’ existing ways of thinking and help create clarity, action, and effectiveness. Elizabeth utilizes evidence-based coaching to offer new insights to clients, resulting in peak productivity and accelerated innovation. Her coaching is driven by the belief that leaders find the most success when they empower others to take ownership.

What clients say. Clients value Elizabeth’s ability to recognize the big picture while remaining focused on the challenges presented. With her dedication and passion, she is able to uncover effective and creative approaches.

Education. Elizabeth received a Masters in Organizational Management from the University of Texas at Dallas Graduate School of Business Management and a BA from University of Texas.

Clients. Elizabeth has coached senior leaders from Mailchimp, KPMG, Applied Materials, Apple, City of Austin, eBay, Dell, Ford, HP, General Motors, Medtronic, Microsoft, Warner Bros, and PayPal.