Eldra Jackson
Facilitator & Executive Coach

Eldra Jackson is a facilitator and coach with significant expertise in working with individuals and groups that are deeply divided. He first gained that experience while imprisoned, where after a race riot, gang leaders were invited to become part of a circle to challenge the beliefs they held and use self-inquiry to change their lives. Eldra served 24 years of a life sentence, with the last eight spent sitting in that circle at New Folsom Prison. Today, Eldra is co-Executive Director of Inside Circle, an organization that exists to empower system impacted people to reduce recidivism and violence in all forms, by leading change from within. As a facilitator, Eldra brings that same spiritual medicine he received at New Folsom Prison into the world, creating a powerful bridge for people from all backgrounds. Eldra frequently keynotes at events and has a TedTalk on toxic masculinity. Eldra is also featured in the documentary, The Work.

What clients say. Clients appreciate Eldra’s empathetic listening and clarity, he engenders trust in participants that enables him to dive directly to the heart of the matter.

Education. Eldra holds a BA in Sociology from Eastern Washington University, and a degree in Criminal Justice from Delta Community College.

Clients. Eldra has coached senior leaders from Inside Circle and Puppet, and has served as a Keynote Speaker for a wide array of audiences, including at Wisdom 2.0, Warner Bros., and TED.