Doug Randall

At age 19, I was fascinated with power, politics, and how the game was played. I got turned onto the nuances of leadership and action through Chris Mathews’ book, Hardball. Within a year of reading the book, I took time away from Penn to work for Chris at the San Francisco Examiner, researching the unsung power of diplomacy, team building, and connection in politics. We called it Softball, the Art of Influence, which became the title of my college thesis. 

I had a knack for synthesizing information, asking poignant questions, and understanding systems which got me into the field of scenario planning right out of college. I had the privilege of working with the giants in that field and I learned firsthand about managing uncertainty, decision-making in high-stakes environments, and first principles thinking. I worked on disruptive strategies, such as the Internet’s effect on newspapers, China’s influence on global security, and climate change’s ramifications on worldwide stability. 

With an MBA from Wharton behind me and a lot of training in big-picture thinking, I wanted to demystify how organizations worked so I began operating at disruptive companies. I joined the team at Netscape right when they decided to make the browser free. I moved to Snapfish where we enabled early adopters to jump into digital photography. I loved the entrepreneurial pace – especially scaling up a sales team – but missed connecting the dots, so I took some time off to study Yoga and reflect on my next step.

On September 11, 2001, while in New York City for a yoga class with the famous teacher Patthabi Joyce, I watched the Twin Towers fall with my naked eyes. At that moment, I knew I wanted to be of service more directly. I wanted more purpose in my life. That led me to start a company inside Global Business Network and the Monitor Group called Monitor 360. We were a public/private partnership serving the NSA, CIA, and DOD inspiring new mindsets and building cultural transformation programs in the U.S. Government. 

With special access to national security problems, I founded a purpose-driven company, Protagonist, that used Artificial Intelligence to detect, measure, and influence narratives. I developed a passion for the science behind stories and influence. And, I learned what it is to be a Founder CEO – hiring and firing leaders, building technology products, pivoting business models, raising funds. I feel honored to have led an incredible team and served some of the most powerful leaders in the world. 

When I exited my start-up, Trium founder Andrew Blum asked me to join the team. At Trium, I bring together everything I’ve learned, from a 25-year meditation practice to briefing military generals on life-or-death situations. I help CEOs and their teams expand their visions by disrupting default thinking and naming the unseen.

I live a full life in the Bay Area, with two flourishing children, a tight family, and friendships that fill me up.

What Clients Say
“Doug was an invaluable, strategic thought partner in rebuilding Tatcha’s company culture, leadership team and organizational effectiveness. As my coach, he was a compassionate and honest sounding board. Doug’s deep experience as an operator, entrepreneur and advisor gives him a unique perspective. My company evolved into an organization stronger than it had ever been while I transformed as a leader and as a person. I am so grateful to Doug for walking with me on that journey.”
Vicky Tsai, Tatcha
Founder & CEO
“With the support of Trium and Doug, we can achieve much more and with higher certainty. It’s an investment in making sure that the typical stages of forming the team happen fast and happen well – having the right expectations, roles and responsibilities, communication, and trust – so that we gel and can keep creating additional value beyond baselines for the next two, three, five years.”
Joaquim Lecha, Typeform
“Doug’s ability to listen is truly exceptional. He has no agenda other than what’s in your best interest, and not just as a professional, but as a human. I feel incredibly lucky to be working with and learning from him.”
Augusto Marietti, Kong
Co-Founder, CEO, & President
“Doug and the coaches at Trium have had a pronounced effect on Artera's leadership - we are 10x the team we used to be.”
Andre Esteva, Artera
Co-Founder & CEO
“Doug has a deep understanding of business dynamics and the challenges that executives face and he tailors that experience to my individual needs. Doug always finds a way of putting things into perspective - focusing on the most important thing. Doug's unwavering support has gone above and beyond my expectations.”
Stephanie Lemmerman, Dapper Labs