Daniel Levitt

I grew up in a tug-of-war between two families split across continents. I benefited from devoted parents who separately instilled a faith in limitless potential and commitment to those who matter most. When I was 14, I decided to be a research oceanographer. That conviction carried from high school through a Ph.D. from Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Research for months at a time in the South Pacific summer is as dreamy as it seems. While nominally becoming an expert in plate tectonics and submarine volcanism, it more importantly embedded deep curiosity, rigorous analysis, and persistence.

But when it was all done, I knew that I was meant to be in the real world – with people, dynamism, and tangible impact. With a vision as vaguely framed as “I want to be in business!” I jumped into the world of tech startups. It was a powerful confirming experience – a tight-knit team, the daily blank canvas experience, and being fully accountable for success, failure, and success again. I knew I was on the right track.

An MBA from Stanford and a few years at McKinsey provided the foundational understanding of how business is supposed to work, across industries, functions, and situations. It felt like a perfect application of science to business. But evidence mounted that this wasn’t enough. Armed with the most logically justified strategic choices – teams would not align, leaders would stumble, plans would fizzle, and visions would remain just out of reach. 

I realized that business isn’t a science. It’s a shared endeavor of people. This led me to Trium. When I joined Trium in the early days, I experienced transformation, as a professional and as a person. I discovered my kin, who are relentless about leaders and their teams – mindsets, spirit, and relationships. It has been a profound 20-year journey and the only job I now want to have. After my first run at Trium, I left to start my own firm where I defined my take on this art.

Now at Trium again, I’m thrilled with the opportunity to take impact to a new level, exploring the power of transformational coaching and leveraging this powerful platform and community. This evolution of my journey has brought everything together in my story – curiosity, analysis, and meaningful, healthy connection.  

On the personal front, I live in San Mateo California. The beach is still a good friend, as is Meadow, a 10-pound ever-friendly apricot puppy. I find it a personal mission to contribute good humor, soulfulness, and love. I can close my eyes and recall my three boys as the infants they were and open those eyes and witness these spectacular teens, so ready to add to this world. They are true menschs and good friends. But the best part is having done it all with my one-of-a-kind soulmate, Mandy. 

What Clients Say
“Daniel is an incredibly authentic, flexible, patient and thoughtful partner. He combines deep empathy and sage advice with a broad toolkit of facilitation skills and a very welcome sense of fun. I am so grateful for his support and impact on our leadership journey. He is adept at mining for conflict and challenging the team and individuals to go beyond the obvious to improve team dynamics. He is pragmatic and has a great capacity for pivoting and adapting content on the fly to ensure that emerging discussions are not overridden by inflexible agendas, and that we keep focused on the right outcomes. I appreciate Daniel’s willingness to chart a multi year journey with us and I believe that we would not be as strong a team as we are without his expert support.”
Rebecca Pearce, Autodesk
Chief People Officer
“Daniel has served as an invaluable coach and facilitator for our firm for almost two decades. He has an incredible ability to assess team health and curate super effective, entertaining and energizing meetings and offsites that have enabled our team to come together under the best and worst of times. He’s equally comfortable facilitating and helping our executive leadership team as well as diverse all-hands meeting. Daniel has also provided invaluable coaching to me personally for how to improve in my CEO role with the team overall and in my one-on-one interactions with key staff. He is a rare combo of a strategic business advisor with an extremely high ‘EQ’ who understands what it takes to create a high performing team. He has an amazing ability to improvise when unforeseen issues arise, and in a way that makes everyone feel included and heard. He is one of a very small handful of outside consultants that has been universally trusted, admired and welcomed back by our entire team again and again.”
Janice Lin, Strategen Consulting