Catherine Gray

There has always been a thread I’ve been following—a why behind my coaching and consulting. It starts with a personal loss when I was 14: the death of my mother, who was part of a class action suit against a tannery that had dumped dioxins in a river. There was a cluster of leukemia and rare kidney cancers, and she passed within five months of being diagnosed.

As I grew older and navigated my grief, her death pointed me toward a greater purpose for my career. I saw the need for businesses to be more intentional in managing their downstream impact. I wanted to help raise the consciousness of leaders so that we can design better workplaces with teams that are thinking holistically, not solely focused on quarterly returns.

After attending Brown University, I started my career in journalism at The Wall Street Journal. From there, I led communications for a non-profit, The Nature Conservancy. That led me to a unique role in building a media venture in Eastern Europe right when the Soviet Union was coming apart. I moved to Russia and Ukraine and helped grow, launch, and sell a multi-billion-dollar television radio network. I had the full, fast-moving start-up experience from conception to all the way to scaling and selling the company.

I returned to the U.S. and launched my own consulting firm at the forefront of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. We hit it at the right time—there were CEOs who had no idea what was in their supply chain and their products. They were scared and wanted help. My team and I would analyze their systems, look at their supply chains and products, and design a comprehensive program to begin to re-engineer their business.

Through that work, I saw that this was not a technological issue. We have all the technology available to us to completely re-engineer everything we need on the planet right now. It was a leadership issue. It sparked a deep curiosity to learn everything I possibly could about human and organizational transformation.

I first learned about Trium in the early days of the company. I brought them in to do work with my CEOs and senior teams. Through that, I saw that Trium was a pioneer in this whole world of leadership and business transformation. I saw the power of the work first-hand and joined full-time.

My journey has been about following this drive to change business from the inside out. Together, we’re supporting leaders and organizations not just to be successful, but to be a force for good in the world.

What Clients Say
“At Adobe, we recently embarked on a journey to evolve our culture and create a new set of values that will serve us for decades. We chose to partner with Catherine and her team at Trium on this strategic initiative. The results were incredible. Trium was a fantastic world-class partner through the entire process. Their wisdom, facilitation skills, and ability to draw each of the executive team was critical in us getting to a terrific outcome. I have no hesitation in recommending them strongly to any CEO who is interested in a refresh of their culture and values.”
Shantanu Narayen, Adobe
“Catherine is wise and brave, and she has had a profound impact on my approach to leadership. She pushes me out of my comfort zone regularly, and her savvy understanding of the business world and executive relationships have been a game changer. I think any CEO or executive leader who gets to work with her is incredibly lucky, and will undoubtedly find her coaching to drive intense growth.”
Kakul Srivastava, Splice
“Catherine helped me bridge who I am as a human being with my leadership style, which made me so much more impactful.”
Artemis Patrick, Sephora
President & CEO, North America