Annette Templeton

In a panel interview for my first job out of undergrad I was asked, “Why did you major in Math?” Thinking this a fairly straightforward question, I gave a straightforward response, “Because I am good at it.” The group interviewing me burst into laughter. After staring awkwardly for several minutes wondering how I missed the joke, I was hired. Why the laughter? The team I joined eventually launched an entire practice based on the premise that when people pursue their natural strengths, in work and play, there is no ceiling to what they can accomplish.

I embarked on a fascinating journey with Gallup, delving into the connections between natural human behavior patterns and measurable performance. This pivotal experience ignited my curiosity about how to help individuals find roles that align with their strengths, sparking a lifelong passion for understanding human potential in the workplace.

During my tenure there, I served on the executive committee and led the global consulting team which afforded me invaluable insights into managing diverse, multi-cultural teams. This experience inspired me to pursue a PhD in international management, driven by a fervent desire to help leaders navigate and optimize the richness of cultural diversity.

Throughout my career, I have championed the significance of leadership and the role leaders play in creating environments where every individual can flourish. This is what brought me to Trium. Leaders bear a profound responsibility for the well-being and growth of their teams. By fostering cultures that prioritize individual strengths and well-being, leaders not only drive better business performance, but cultivate happier and more productive professionals who contribute to stronger, more resilient communities and societies. It is incredibly gratifying to be a part of a team at Trium committed to this purpose.

In my coaching practice, I empower leaders to harness their strengths while embarking on a journey of continuous learning and evolution. I firmly believe in the transformative power of embracing and celebrating the unique differences that make each individual and team shine.

Every chance I get, I spend my time with my husband and our confident little terrier, enjoying the natural beauty of where I live in Laguna Beach and entertaining friends and family who visit from all corners of the world.

What Clients Say
“Annette is a mathematician by training and student of interpersonal dynamics and organizational behavior by calling. This unusual combination makes her a unique partner to technical CEOs. I’m reminded of the aphorism that technology is easy and people are hard. Annette transformed my ability to find, hire, and align people to the vision and strategy of our company, and to develop the inner skills that result in differentiated leadership. She has been an invaluable partner both to me and to our broader leadership team through a period of rapid growth and transformation.”
Spence Green, Lilt
“Annette is an ace in her approach to executive coaching – she is intuitive, empathetic, and laser-focused in helping leaders become the best versions of themselves to solve their most pressing business issues.”
Mary Finch, DXC Technology
“Over the last 18 months we have doubled the product organization in Paris, Barcelona, Warsaw, Toronto and New York. To build cultural coherence for this growing and global organization, we partnered with Annette and Trium, who not only shared our values but also helped us create space to connect with each other at a human level.”
Madhur Aggarwal, EcoVadis
Chief Product Officer