Alia Ayer

At the start of my career, I was interviewing for a job when the Chief People Officer of the organization pulled a well-worn blue index card out of his wallet. “These are our company values,” he proclaimed as he talked me through what the beliefs meant to him. I was intrigued by how he carried this card right next to the picture of his family. How could a job create such a deep sense of pride and identity? I signed the job offer on the spot. I wanted to learn how to co-create a set of organizational values. I was inspired to build positive work cultures where leaders brought out the best in others. This small paper card and passionate manager became the springboard to my lifelong career connecting culture and leadership. 

My cultural studies had already begun at a young age. Born to an Italian father and German mother, I took the best of both, merged it with a third – “American” culture – and created my own cultural identity. When I work with clients today, we are always shaping and evolving what’s needed at the moment. The work is personal and dynamic! I am drawn to the scientific and artistic elements of our craft. We bring research and rigor but also deep creativity and intuition to our work. 

Following my passion for values-driven leadership, I took on executive HR roles that led me to Europe, to pursue a graduate degree in Intercultural Leadership and ultimately to California to foster a unified company culture for an organization with employees in seven global locations. Dream job! It was in an offsite as a client that I experienced Trium’s work in action. This is the work I was meant to do! I knew it in 2009 when I joined Trium as a consultant for six years and I was reminded of it in 2021 when I returned to build and scale our capabilities in next-level leader development. Today, I continue on my path as a strategic advisor, leadership coach, and passionate advocate of executive development.

I currently live with my husband on a two-acre apple orchard at the intersection of agricultural and coastal lands in Northern California. The natural beauty humbles me every day. 

What Clients Say
“Trium is amazing to work with. Alia knows how to effectively partner, listen to the client’s needs, and deliver exceptionally engaging and impactful leadership sessions. Her and Trium’s combination of deeply practical leadership practices and strategic understanding of the factors influencing our business is unparalleled.”
Cathy Manginelli, Trinet
Chief Talent Officer
“When you hear someone saying ‘I joined Trium's leadership program because my manager asked me to’ and then 3 months into the program they say ‘this was the most transformative experience I’ve ever had,’ then you know something really magical happened for that leader’s transformation.”
Andreea Baciu, UiPath
Chief Culture Officer
“Alia’s transformative coaching has been instrumental in reshaping my approach at work, encouraging me to think differently and strategically, fostering not only professional growth but also enabling me to evolve into a dynamic People and Culture leader, making our collaboration truly impactful.”
Brian Williams, REDF
Director of Talent