Ali Aydar
Executive Coach

For more than a decade, Ali has advised and coached executives at companies such as Airware, Slack, IFTTT, Sledgehammer, and Picasa, among others. As the first non-founding member of Napster, he engineered the groundbreaking server software critical to its explosive growth and led the development of its next-generation authorized file-sharing platform. Currently, Ali is the CEO of Sporcle.

What clients say. Ali understands first-hand the complex challenges that today’s business leaders face. These experiences, combined with an extensive technical background and intensive coach training, enable him to create a unique and deeply impactful experience for his clients.

Education. Ali has an MBA from UC Berkeley Haas and a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University.

Clients. Ali has coached senior leaders from Dropbox, Activision, Slack, Sledgehammer, Picasa, among others.