Our Philosophy

We believe the fundamental drivers of success and change lie in the things that are hard to see and manage — things like trust, relationship and mindset. Our approach intentionally connects human dynamics to issues of strategy, organization and process. When these elements are addressed simultaneously and systematically, results are truly transformational.

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    What's Visible:

    Vision, Strategy, and Metrics

    In most situations, the "presenting problem" is centered on things that are visible and tangible - questions of vision, strategy, priorities, metrics and financial performance. Ultimately, our client partnerships lead to significant improvements in productivity and execution, but surface issues are just that - a place to start.

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    What's Murky:

    Processes, Structures, and Governance

    Processes, structures and governance are the soft tissue that hold the organization together. Without clear roles, accountabilities and decision rights, execution is cumbersome and challenging. We help our clients figure out how their organizations need to evolve to fully unleash the energy of the system.

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    What's hidden:

    Culture, Relationships, Trust and Mindsets

    Culture and leadership mindsets - conscious or otherwise - are at the root of everything. Producing fundamentally different results and creating lasting change requires working deeply beneath the surface. Conscious leaders communicate with purpose and inspire accountability. When leaders think differently, anything is possible.

Lasting change starts deep beneath the surface.

Our clients are the world's change leaders

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See what our clients have to say...


Yvonne Wassenar, CIO, New Relic

"We have coaches in Trium that help us as individual executives improve our leadership styles, adjust our engagement, and really help us create a foundation so that we can be better leaders and team members..." Learn more at Trium Deeper.


Eric Hirshberg, CEO, Activision Publishing

"Finding a group who works well at both those levels - both the interpersonal and human level, as well as the strategic level - I haven't found that very often. It's pretty rare and it's pretty valuable... I've seen people become their best selves." Learn more at Trium Deeper.

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Scott Cutler, President, StubHub

"How can I responsibly make the changes that I need to make as a person and as an organization? How can we proactively make the type of change that really is a step function for growth for the business? It's been that level of effort that it's taken individually in partnership with Trium for us to achieve such tremendous growth in a very short period of time. " Learn more at Trium Deeper.


Carl Eschenbach, President, COO, VMware

"If we didn't engage with Trium. I don't know if we would have had the success we've had over the last three years... They know their area of expertise and they do it better than anyone I've ever met in the last 25 years." Learn more at Trium Deeper.


Matt Fawcett, General Counsel, NetApp

"Trium has been really good at helping us get really clear and focused on ‘What does it mean to be the best team?’ ... They've helped us from conceptualizing a big challenge to articulating the plan to actually get there." Learn more at Trium Deeper.


Denise Haylor, CHRO. Flextronics

"We've seen some very, very tangible results from the work that we've done with Trium ... They don't come in with a bunch of PowerPoint slides, they listen and they learn, and they come back with appreciative and understanding solutions thal are grounded in business, not in HR speak." Learn more at Trium Deeper.


The trium mission

It’s our view that, in an increasingly complex and volatile world, the quality of human experience is significantly shaped by the decisions, actions and orientations of corporations. In that world, business leaders wield enormous influence. When those leaders are clear, values-driven and mission-focused, the world evolves for the better. Our mission is to change the world by changing the way business leaders think.